My Favourite Pics from around the property 

(Taken with a cell phone - not photo shopped, just some cropped.)

Camping Field Sunset 6:8:21.jpeg

The Camping field with the Western Town at the rear.

Beach Jy '21.jpeg

A picture of the beach taken yesterday (July 25th/21)


The pond in front of Cabin 2.

The name is Pond.  James Pond.

20 Meadow - fall close-up.jpeg

The Meadow in fall


A particularly pretty pic taken by one of our campers.

Rapids w_island & Mtn.jpg

3 different views off of our beach

River In Summer.jpg
Mt McQuire @ Sunset.jpg

Mt. McGuire

Beaver Pond.jpg

Deer Lake (at the side of our property)

Drone shot of river.png

This is a shot taken with my daughter's drone.  Our campground is in the trees on the left.


The beach in August.

Old pic from other side.jpeg

The beach from the other side.

Picnic Area Town 6_11_21.jpeg

The picnic field after being redone.

Trans Canada Trail.jpg

Riding the Trans-Canada trail (3 blocks before our gate).

River by Trans Canada Trail.jpg

River from along the Trans-Canada trail.


These are up one of the forest roads beside us.


A beautiful sunset pic taken from one of our guests on our beach.


Mt. McGuire from our B&B.

Forest Rd in Fall.jpg

Our forest road in the fall.

Tamihi Creek Desktop.jpg
Tamihi Crk 2.png

3 views of Tamihi Creek (on our forestry road).

Tamihi Crk Through Mossy Tree.jpg

Winter views of our property.

looking up at trees in upper meadow.jpg