Tamihi Meadows is located at the Osborne fishing hole on the Chilliwack River just down from the Tamihi Recreational Area.  The location is well-known and very popular especially to fishermen, ATVers & whitewater kayakers!  The area is highly desirable because of the natural beauty, the unlimited hiking & off roading trails/roads, the Class II  to IV rapids as well as the extremely good fishing spot!

There are 3 peaceful TINY(!) rustic cabins in the forest here,  in a private location away from the RV Park, each with 2 tiny bedrooms, & are a perfect place to self isolate.  

We are disinfecting surfaces between guests, and we require that you cover the beds with your own sheets & bring a spray disinfectant for using the outhouse.



***YOU MUST READ THE WHOLE AD CAREFULLY & AGREE TO ALL RULES BEFORE BOOKING!  (They are on the Airbnb site that these are booked through). 




***There is NO RUNNING WATER!  (no, not even in the porta potty!) NO INTERNET! NO TV! NO ELECTRICITY!!  The Fido/Rodgers network does work here. 


***You supply your own sleeping bags, cooking supplies, lantern(s), toilet paper & firewood, (or you can purchase firewood here from the camp host).  Any candles must be in containers that prevent wax from dripping on surfaces.  You can't leave your toilet paper in the outhouse as mice will shred it!


These are TINY, RUSTIC sleeping cabins ***DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE FISHERMEN & HUNTERS!!!  VERY BASIC back to nature (think wooden tent with a wood stove, that you can cook on (you supply wood or you can buy here), a  futon, a small table, night stand, 2 or 3 chairs & beds only!)  No pots, pans, dish ware, utensils or bedding. Although they will sleep 6 - 7, it is very crowded with that many. The furniture is  not meant to be featured in Better Homes & Gardens!  There is damage & stains on tables & on the linoleum etc.   Each cabin has a small deck, an outside fire pit & outdoor table & chairs.


These are NOT like city motel rooms!  (You might even see dust bunnies as it's very difficult to clean under the beds in the very tiny bedrooms!) 


PETS: Because these are not pristine, we don't have a problem with people bringing their QUIET, well mannered pets that DON'T GO ON THE FURNITURE or bark at other people or animals, but must be leashed  & picked up after!   People must be able to go by your cabin without having to worry about your dog or get barked at (many are afraid of them). 


There is a porta potty (that smells like one!)

Mice & other rodents & insects live outside, & they may occasionally poop on the deck & there may be cobwebs out there as well.  It is swept off regularly, but they return regularly!  When people leave the door open, mice can get in & we can't prevent that (although we have very little problem with them)!  Please DO NOT BOOK if these things are upsetting to you!!!  

If you are looking for something more like a hotel room, we have a couple of large ensuite bedrooms in our home also listed on Airbnb, which may be more suitable!  


USE ONLY THE PORTA POTTY FOR YOUR BUSINESS!  ***If you are one of those people who think it's ok to go in the bush & leave your toilet paper etc - DON'T COME HERE!  It's so disgusting having to pick that up & we will levy a $50. charge if we have to do that! (We have had to put in night vision game cameras down there because of that).   Portable toilets are sometimes available for rent to put in the cabin if you prefer, (but must be cleaned out before returning them).   

We can also supply an outdoor solar shower (only good for the warm seasons), that you can fill from the river or waterfall, (there is a deposit), just ask the camp host for it).


These are suitable for people that want to isolate, de-stress &/or get back to nature.  


The large pond is not for swimming (the bottom is quite muddy), but people do swim in the river (about a 5 minute walk) on our beach in the later summer & fall!   


Surprisingly, we have very few mosquitoes here. 


The Trans Canada Trail runs along two sides of our property and one way goes up to Windy Knob, a 5 1/2 hour hike which offers great views of the surrounding mountains as well as the city, or you can continue there & add another couple of peaks for a full day hike.  Please email me if you wish the info on the hikes.


These cabins are not for people worried about outhouse smells, occasional mice etc.  


***IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE ALERT THE HOST or give a call (the # is listed on your reservation).  If you can't contact anyone, you can continue up the hill to our house (after the barn & garage).  
***Do NOT complain about it afterwards or ask for your money back if you haven't given us a chance first to correct any problems.  

Please alert us also if the cabin appears dirty.


We expect you to leave your honest review, as a rustic fishermen's cabin, NOT COMPARING THEM TO A HOTEL OR MOTEL, as that isn't what you're booking!  If you have ignored what we have put on our ad, don't complain about it after!  I understand if you feel they don't have enough value or are otherwise not suitable for you, however I would expect that you not want to return if you feel that way. 

For those that want cheap, we have cheap nights!  (Usually Sunday - Thursday).  As demand is very high, Fridays  & Saturdays are the most expensive. The price goes down in low season as well.


 If it is rainy when you are there, you are welcome to bring a tarp & rope to tie from the deck of the cabin to the trees across from it.


The garbage policy is "Pack It In, Pack It Out".  You may leave recyclable & burn anything ok to be burned (if no fire ban).

No visitors, tents or RVs permitted in the cabin area, as I've had complaints due to that.  You can call to book a self-contained unit in the campground.

Unfortunately, our little rowboat there (The Lamberdinghy), has been damaged so it is not useable at the moment (we are looking to find someone that knows how to re-fiberglass a couple of spots for us).  

Anyone coming on the property must accept all liability and risks for themselves, their guests & and pets.

Pond - beautiful colors
Green Pond
Snowy Cabin
Cabin 3 side
Cabin 1 & 3
Cabin Bdrms
20160827_131847 (1)
Mossy Tree By Cabins
The Rodfathers  (Cabin 1) 

Located next to the parking area, closest to the outhouse, overlooking the stream, and Cabin 3 is very close to it.  This one is the first one you come to & you can park right beside it.  There is a queen sized bed in 1 bedroom, a bunkbed with a single on top & double on the bottom in the other.  It also has a futon in the common area.

The Fish & Chicks (Cabin #2)

The most private cabin, facing away from the other cabins, overlooking the pond and beside the stream, can accommodate up to 7 people.  It is also the farthest away from the parking area (100'?) 

The first bedroom contains a queen sized bed; the second, a bunkbed consisting of a double below and single above. There is a futon in the common room. 

Cirrhosis Of The River (Cabin 3)

The smallest but newest & cutest & is very close to Cabin 1.  You can park directly behind it. 

The 2 tiny bedrooms have a double bed in one, & a bunkbed with 2 single beds. & a futon in the common room.

 Sleeps 6.

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"Debbi's place is definitely a great spot if you are looking to get away from it all. The description is totally accurate so be sure to read it so you know what you're getting yourself into! The river access is unbeatable, and the area is beautiful."

Air B &B review

August 2017

"Great place to hide out from the city for a while. The cabin is exactly as advertised and perfect for anyone wanting to go camping, but feeling a little too lazy to tent it. Lots of roads and trails for biking or hiking along the river. I went over a long weekend and was worried there might be a lot of noisy campers nearby, but the cabins are tucked away in a very private location."

Air B & B review

August 2017

"The experience was similar to camping, which was exactly what we were looking for! Lots of trails in the area & the horses on the property were definitely a bonus! We were also very fortunate to have amazing neighbours whom we became friends with. We are already planning our next trip back in a few weeks' time".

Air B & B review 

June 2017