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****After reading the important information below, scroll down to see the actual site catalog, with a picture, site size & price.

Campsites Are For Those That Have Self-Contained Units Only!  

This RV park / campground is for quiet, nature lovers only that will leave our wilderness exactly as they found it!   We feel that your neighbours shouldn't have to listen to your music as it may not be to their taste, nor should you have to listen to theirs.  We want our place to be all about respect for others!  When I first started the campground, I looked into what people complained about the most, it was noisy neighbours & generators.  I decided to have a place to fill that niche. 

This is not suitable for whiny or cranky people or nitpickers.  I'm old & life is too short to have to deal with those types. 

As our horses free-range here, you may find their remnants in your site.  We make every effort to clean up after them, but could possibly miss some.  Just let the host know if we do.  Just a heads up, you may hear shots in the distance from the Fish & Game club.  I've had 2 complaints about it in the last 5 years, so it's pretty serious.

If you are partiers, heavy drinkers etc., then this is not a suitable place for you. 


We have invested a lot in the last few months.  We have levelled & graveled most sites & roads, planted countless trees & shrubs & seeded grass.  We have also added more power sites as the demand is so high.  









































We lost several sites in the storm as the river changed course & took them.  Sites 19 & 20, 50 - 62 are gone & 1/2 of 21, 23 & 48.  We have done extensive repairs & also added some new smaller riverfront sites.

CHECK-IN is after 1:00 pm & CHECK-OUT is before 11:00 am   Early check in/out is possible @ $10.00 per hour or portion thereof (Please let us know in advance to make sure the host is back to the gate).


PORTA POTTIES: You must have your own!   Port-a-potties were closed after we found at least 60% of tenters were too afraid to go to them after dark so would do their business in their sites.   

TENTS: We are no longer accepting tents unless you can show upon arrival that you have your own port-a-potty.  (Many have the $50. pop-up change tents off of Amazon that they use to put their port-a-potty in).   

CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED BY A PARENT AT ALL TIMES (including while in the playground)!  Only well-behaved children are welcome.  No children that are destructive, damage trees or moss etc.

DOGS: Must be quiet, well-behaved, leashed, picked up after & NON-AGGRESSIVE.  They must with you at all times & not left out unattended. 

FIRES: 18"H x 18"W are ok if no provincial fire bans.

WOOD: There is firewood available for sale here ($9) for a very large bag, or you are welcome to bring your own.   NO CUTTING OF TREES, BRANCHES, OR DEADFALL, DO NOT REMOVE TWIGS, MOSS, OR UNDERBRUSH, NO HARVESTING OF FIREWOOD! No chainsaws.  No wood with nails permitted!




VISITORS: We are a private farm / RV Park and do not allow visitors in on busier weekends as people have complained in the past that here was too many people around.   If it's not busy in the campground & it's approved of in advance, people can fill out a waiver and buy a day pass ($10).   

You are welcome to meet with people on the beach anytime however (they can park just outside of our gate).


SITES: Site sizes vary greatly, and sizes are listed below in the site catalog, along with site pics, price & description. They start @ $25.  Each site is outfitted with a fire pit and picnic table.


OCCUPANCY: We allow up to 3 adults per single site, extras are $10. 


EXTRA VEHICLES: 1 vehicle & 1 RV are permitted per single site.  Extra are $10. each.


EXTRA TENTS or RVs: on a site are $25.   One picnic table shelter is fine.


LONG WEEKENDS are a minimum 3 night booking.


WATER: There is a water tap on site (not potable) and is just after the host's trailer.  You will need to have a jug.  


POWER:  Most people only require 15 Amps, & can run A/C with that (turning off the other breakers first & after it's started, only turning the fridge breaker back on).   We have several power sites, most are 15 Amp, but there are a few 30 Amp sites.


GENERATORS:  If it can be heard outside your site, they can't be used.  Certain inverter models run on Eco, that barely hum (& don't sound like a motor are ok).  We have power sites for you if you need power.  If you are in an area where there aren't others within earshot, there is more leeway.  Again, it's just about respect for others, as most people don't want to hear generators.  


GARBAGE: Pack it in, pack it out.  We will accept sorted recyclables, (in separate bags) bottles & cans, soft plastics, hard plastics, jars & metal.  If no fire ban, you are welcome to burn paper products.

NO PROJECTILES  (Bows, guns of any type, spears or fireworks etc.)


PHONE SERVICE:  Most people don't have a problem with reception.  We have also installed a cell phone signal booster in the covered picnic shelter just above the stairs.


BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Please contact us first. 


WILDLIFE:  This is the wilderness, there are deer, bears, lynx' & cougars.  Cougars often sit in trees, & a child without a larger person close, is a target.  If you are walking in a quiet area, talk, sing or otherwise make a little bit of noise to alert any bears of your presence.  They do not want to see you & will leave if given the chance. 

HORSES: As this is a farm, our horses free range here except on busy long weekends.  ANY INTERACTION WITH THE HORSES IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.  CHILDREN MUST BE WITH AN ADULT WHEN AROUND THEM!  They usually come down in the evenings.  They welcome neck scratches, but otherwise, people are not to be mauling or slapping them, as although they are calm & gentle & would never intentionally hurt someone being kind to them, they could get frightened & accidentally knock you  over, step on your foot or bite your fingers if you are giving them a carrot etc.  For that reason, we ask that you use a container if you wish to give them a treat.  Apples need to be cut so they don't choke on them & no sugar please!  Don't throw treats on the ground as bits of sand can stick on them & cause severe problems.


GROUP SITES:  Site 1 has 4 15 Amp sites & can easily handle a 5th unit.  It also works well with site 2, a triple site with 2 15 Amp plugs,  3 & 4 also work very well together with those & both have 1 15 Amp plug.   Site 43 includes 4 units (possibly more depending on size) & connects with Site 40.  Site 39 connects with 41 (both double sites).  Site 46 is a triple site, & Site 48 connects with L1 which connects with L2. 

The meadow is available for large groups & allows for 10 RVs with more possible.


GATE: Gate hours are 7:00 AM - 10:30 PM.  Please let us know if there is a special circumstance.


TOURS: Sorry, we are a private, gated farm / RV Park and don't offer tours of the property unless you are booking for a large group.  You would need to call me in advance to set up a time & I will arrange to meet you & take you around.  We want to maintain security here, both for our animals & our campers.  There are lots of pictures  posted (of all the sites), as well as good descriptions and we have 100+ online reviews.  

Other Information:  People causing disturbances or not otherwise following the guidelines will be warned first, but in severe instances you could be asked to leave immediately (with no refund provided).


I am often down in the campground (in decent weather) with various animals, and often with my parrot that does many tricks, to entertain the kids (& adults).

Who We Are: We are Tamihi Meadows (a private RV Park, NOT Tamihi Creek, Tamihi East or West or Tamihi Rapids.  This is a common mistake made.


For insurance purposes we require guests to sign a liability waiver upon entry to the property.


*DO NOT USE OUR ADDRESS FOR YOUR GPS AS IT WON'T BRING YOU HERE!  Use the directions & map on this site.

Beach Jy '21.jpeg

Our beach is known as Osborn Hole (a very popular fishing spot)  This picture was taken in July '21.

Meadow View Jn 7 22.jpeg


Reservations are by phone only and payable by e transfer.  50% refund for cancellation up to 1 week in advance - no exceptions!  If not on a busy weekend, I usually don't have any problem changing the date for you. 


If for any reason, we are forced to cancel, you will receive a 100% refund. 

If you are a no-show by noon on the 2nd day of your reservation, your site will be forfeited without refund.

***To alleviate line-ups at the gate, we have put the liability waiver online at the bottom of  the Contact/Pay page, so you can print & fill it out in advance to save time when arriving. 

For reservations call: 604-530-1367  (No texts please)

Easy Street, the main road through the property (pictured below), has the more private campsites on both sides.  Further down, some are riverfront. 


Winter time looks very different!  I've actually had someone complain on FB that came in March apparently expecting the sites to look like the summer & fall pictures I have posted!  Yes, seasons affect the landscape!  All the pictures below were taken with my cell phone & are unedited except for size.

The road through our property Aug. 20.jpeg


The map is now updated, it's definitely not to scale, but I did my amateur best so don't laugh!


Site #1, a large group site (full site not shown in these pictures), quite close to the stairs to the beach. 44'W X 45'L entry, + 46'W x 45'L as well as a 23'W x 56'L wing.  4 x 15 Amp.  Price allows for 4 units. $180.  Can accommodate a 5th unit if needed with power ($45.)

Site 1 side Jn 7 22.jpeg
Site 1 Jn 7 22.jpeg
2 4:21.jpeg

Site 2, An easy-access triple site 53'W x 85'D, connects with site 3, located on road in front of the camping field.  2  x 15 Amp pairs well with site 3 & 4.  $115.

Site 3 7_27_22.heic

Site 3, on side of picnic field beside playground.  Site appears larger than it shows here. Most suitable for units 25' & under.  36' x 38' + 21'W x 23'L entry. 15 Amps. Connected with site 2  (Would be a drive-through site if with Site 2)  $50.

Site 4 7_27_22.heic

Site 4, on the side of the entrance to the camping field next to the playground.  Has 15 Amp power. $45.

Site 8.jpeg

Site 5, 6, 7 & 8  by the river.  Only available for seasonals.




Below is the main camping field, as seen from across the river, the picture below with the horse's is taken from from our side.

The stairs to our beach are in front of the covered picnic next to site 9. 

Site 9 is to the right of the cover, next to the stairs to the beach. 30 Amp  $75.

Site 10 & 11 are next to it, 30 Amp $70. each

Sites 12 - 14 are further to the right, 15 Amp  $60. each. 

All these sites are 30' apart and not all are shown in this pic.

If booking 2 of these sites side by side, there is an option of putting another unit across the end of the 2 sites, making a private area in the center & open to the river, which allows for a little more noise tolerance.  It is an extra $30. for the 3rd unit.  (No power plug in for the 3rd one).


Note the big eddy in the river seen in this picture (great for tubing)!


RVs in Picnic Area From Across River.png
Horses In Picnic Area.png
Site 15.png

Site 15, located at the side of the camping field, 1 15 Amp, 34'D x 39'W, best view in the camping field! $65.

Sites 15, 17 & 18.png

Site 16, 17 & 18 are all along the river, and are the sites of our new cabins, The Chick Inn & The Trailer Trash Tacky Shack.

Site 21 7_27_22.heic

Site 21, Stunning views. 17'D x 63'L  Adults only in this site. $40.

S23 6 22 22.heic

Site 23, Nobody under 19 permitted due to sharp drop offs & undercut banks.  12'W x 40'L (not suitable for slide-outs) with a wider portion at the end (27'W x 23'D) & some to one side, 15' x 13'.  Private & nice view of the river, Pairs well with site 45 & 21. $40. 

Site 23.jpeg
S24 6_20_21.jpeg

Site 24  A small double site!   Directly across from 21, with river view (see below).  Wedge shaped,  53'  x 42'  + an extra 14'D x 28' parking spot (not shown in pic).  $55.

View S24.png
Site 25 Aug 20.jpeg

Site 25,  river view (see below). (bigger since pic was taken 37 W' x 32'D $35.

View S25.png
Site 26.jpeg

Site 26, River view (see below), 20'D x 31'W + an extra 9' W x 15'L strip across the front. (not shown in pic) $30.

View S26.png
Site 27 Jn 7 22.jpeg

Site 27 & 28.  These are connecting sites across road from the river, with some river views.

Site 27 (top) is 38'D x 52'W $35.

Site 28  (bottom) is 38'D x 38'W $30.


Also the view from these sites is below.

View S27.png

Site 29 (below).  Very private group power site, treed on 3 sides & in the middle at the front, near beach access. 2 x 15 Amp.  75’W x 58’D $130. (allows 3 units)  Has been gravelled since this picture.

Site 28.jpeg
Western Town & Flowers.JPG
Site 31 7_27_22.heic

Site 31, 15 amp  has 24'W x 42'D alcove (not easy to see in the pic), to the left of the porta potty. $55.


Below is:

Site 32 (on right side of shed) with 24'D x 16'W alcove, 15 Amp, $55.

Site 33 in corner on left side of shed, 15 Amp, $45. 

Site 34 & 35  (at front on either side of power board & trees),  both 15 Amp $45. each, 

Good for a group as units can be arranged in a circle for privacy if desired.

S36 6_16_21.jpeg

Site 36,  private, 15 Amp power,  (requires an extension cord),  & is just off the main camping field.  33'W x 55'D  $65.

Site 37, (below) private double site,  30 Amp (can pigtail another unit for 2 -x 15 amps) On Easy Street. 38W x  52D $95. (covers 2 units) 

37 4_21.jpeg
Site 38.jpeg

Site 38.  A private pull-through site with 15 Amp, located along the quiet road through the property. 46W x 38’D (site enlarged since pic taken) Best for smaller units due to tight corners getting in.  $60.

S39 6_21.jpeg

Site 39, Double site.  Site 41 connects at the right side, located along the quiet road through the property.  Site 39 has 15 Amp power, 55'W  (at front) & 33' W in center, x 60'D + 21'D x 9'W wing at rear). (site enlarged since pic taken) $75.

S40 6_20_21.jpeg

Site 40, Private & connects to 43,  30'W x 38'L + a 12'W x 35'L entrance $25.

41 4_21.jpeg

.Site 41, Double site.  1 x 15 Amp, 47'W x 59'D + 12'W x 21'L Wing.  (site enlarged since pic taken) $75.

Site 42 Jn 7 22.jpeg
Site 55.jpeg

Site 42, Small double site, wedge, located along the quiet road through the property.  No turning around needed to get out of property.  60'W x 24'D & now has a 12'W x 23'D wing.   $55. 

Site 43  (below).  This site is HUGE (I couldn't get it all into the picture).  A private pull-through group site approx. 95’L X 55' W, far entrance is 16’W x 47’L, the near entrance is 15’W x 25’L (plus 2 extra parking spots).  Includes 4 units.  $120.

Site 43 Jn 7 22.jpeg

Site 44, (below) Double site.  VERY PRIVATE beautiful site located along the quiet road through the property.  21’ x 29’W entry plus another 45’W  x 45’D $65.

Site 44 Aug 20.jpeg
Site 46 6_20_21.jpeg
Site 46 6_20_21.jpeg

Site 45, Private site, located along the quiet road through the property (site enlarged since pic taken)  27'W x 43'D + 20'W x 18'D entry. Pairs well with site 23. $25.

Site 46  Triple pull-though site 80' W x 28'D 1 wing 53'D x 31'W plus another 14'W x 29'D (site enlarged since pic taken) $85.

Site 47 (below), (formerly site 48), Very private with great river view.  1/2 was taken by the river.  Now it's  24’D x 42W + 12’D x 45W’ across front.  Great for mid-size units (35"?) $45.

Site 48 Aug 20.jpeg

The new Site 48 (below).  Age 19+ only!  Small L shaped double site has spectacular river views on 2 sides!  Connects with L1. Allows for 2 units (2nd one would need to be very small) $55.

Site 48 7_27_22.heic

Site L1, Age 19+ only.  Beautiful full view of the river.  39'D x 23'W connects with L2 on the left & 48 on the right. $35.

L2 6 22 22.heic

Site L2 on the left Age 19+ only.  Connects with L1 on the right.  39'D x 20'W.  $30.

L3 28 x 42W.jpeg

Site L3.  Age 19+ only.  Very private site with full river view but a narrow entry so suitable for smaller units.  21’D x 48’W  $45.

L4 2 22 22.heic

Site L4.  Age 19+ only.  VERY private site with full river view.  Due to a smaller opening, it is suitable for smaller units.   Graveled on left since this picture was taken.  30’L x 35’W $40.


Site L5.  Beautiful river view! 28’D x 42’W  Probably best for a smaller unit.  The view is now quite obscured by the brush, Pairs well with L6.  $35.


Site L6. The brush has grown obstructing the  view.  Suitable for small unit or Camper only.  24’D x 36’W $25.

Site C1 Extremely private site that connects with C2.  These are the only campsites on this road.  45’ D x 30’W + 9’ x 21’  $45. or C1 & C2 together are $70.


Site C2.  Extremely private when taken with C1.  33’ D x 30’W + 9’ x 21’ $35.

Site O1 6 8 22.jpeg

Site O1, Very private, & away from the main camping area.   15A

Entry is 39’D x 15 + 26’D x 30’W $65.

O2 Jn 8 22.jpeg

Site O2,  Away from the main camping area & allows for 2 units & one can be pig-tailed off the other for 2 15 Amp services.  66’D x 45’W, it's very private if taken with O3 that connects with it. Will require an extension  cord.

 1 x 30 Amp $95.

O3 Jn 8 22.jpeg

Site O3, Away from the main camping area.  41’D x 40’W.

Connects with site O2. When taken together they are very private.  $25.

The Meadow (below).  The right side of the meadow is now on the river.  Whilst a beautiful view now, it's still very sad.  (The last picture is before the flood).   This is a large, very private group site at the rear of our property (not all is pictured here). There is a pond bordering most of the left side (except at the rear).  $375. covers 10 units, but can possibly handle more depending on unit sizes.  ($35. for each extra).  For weddings and other events with many people it's $575.  We occasionally will rent last minute spots here @ $40./site).  

Sunny Meadow.png
Meadow May 6_22.png
20 Meadow - fall close-up.jpeg
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