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--  B & B, CABINS & RV PARK  -- 

Chwk River VALLEY Disaster Petition

As you may be aware, many people suffered great losses during the  flood last year.  The Federal Gov't has apparently given our province funds to assist people affected by the flood, however only the high profile Sumas/Abbotsford residents have received any help.  I was given this petition by an 80 yr old gentleman that lost his home.  He & his wife had just received their property assessment for this year, & it gave a value of $2.00 for his $2,000,000. home.   Insurance doesn't cover an act of God, & the province is deafeningly silent.  They've lost everything they worked their entire lives for.  There are many others in the same situation.   Please help by signing the petition so we can put some pressure on our Gov't to step up to the plate for these people.   Our elected officials don't want to look bad to a lot of voters.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Please click on the link below to sign.


We are a private farm / RV Park  / Campground located in the Tamihi Recreational Area, 20 minutes south of Sardis, and 5 minutes past the public Tamihi campgrounds.  Tamihi Meadows is at the base of Mount Church, surrounded by forests on three sides and the Chilliwack river on the fourth side; where world-class fishing awaits you on our beach at Osborne Hole.

There are unlimited mountain logging roads and trails for ATVer's, hikers, and horseback riders and class II -  IV rapids for whitewater kayakers & rafters.   The left side of the beach is also suitable for swimming late summer & fall and many people like to float around on the big eddy as well!


We offer year-round accommodations in our rustic, off-grid fisherman's cabins, or bring your RV to park in our campground. We also have a farmhouse bed and breakfast for those who prefer a little more luxury.


 This is a wilderness, forestry RV Park next to a fast-flowing river with wildlife all around. Our gentle and calm horses free range on the property.  There are steep drop offs to the river in a few of the sites, so parents need to closely supervise their children at all times.

***By coming onto our property it is deemed that you have acknowledged the risks and accept all responsibilities for your own safety while you are enjoying your stay. 


A big thank-you to one of the former owners, Bradley Gionet of The Funky Artist Photography for some of the nice pics, as well as to my daughter Kristi Campbell for the awesome website!




In mid-2015 we bought our dream property - a 33 + acre, picturesque, tranquil property located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. It is only 20 minutes from town but far enough to enjoy the peaceful and serene offerings of nature. With three sides of the property heavily forested and the Chilliwack River on the fourth side (and no neighbours), the location was perfect!  One of the first things that caught our attention, was the intoxicating smell of the oxygen!


Situated in the Tamihi Recreational Area bordering the Chilliwack River, the property boasts 3 rustic fishermen's cabins, a 20 x 60' covered picnic area above A large beach suitable for swimming in summer and fall and is also a world-class fishing spot.  there are unlimited mountain trails and logging roads for atv's, mountain bikers/hikers and horses, and it's a fantastic area for whitewater kayaking & rafting.  the national kayaking team trains just up the river from us and Chilliwack River Rafting is just up from us as well.  we decided to share our little paradise. 


We began with the Farmhouse B & B in 2016, offering an escape from the chaotic, busy city lifestyle. A place for guests to come and enjoy the farm animals and nature - with all the comforts of home.  


We brought in power and upgraded the RV Park, as well as renovated the three  fisherman's cabins in the forest.   It's a place to just unplug, connect with nature and enjoy a simpler lifestyle.

after several requests, we started hosting weddings, and  enhanced the property to better facilitate this.  


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